Welcome BC Fly Fishers!

This website is mainly about you, the flyfisher.  We are not here to endorse any one particular brand, or destination, or establishment.  Our goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals with 2 things in common: You like to flyfish and you do it in British Columbia.  We want to hear your stories, your advice, your favourite places, and your gear.  Hopefully you will take away as much as you give to this website.  Each of you will be given your own home page to create your own little world here at BCFlyFish.com and we hope you return often to participate in the Discussion Forum and trade fish stories.

This site is primarily about freshwater fishing and trout but we welcome discussions about other species and maybe some salt water flyfishing.

Please help us make this the premier online destination for the BC Fly Fisher for both men and women to educate, entertain, and provide each of us with links to the best sources of equipment, destinations, and educational material.

Tight lines! ... and check out our new blog at blog.bcflyfish.com

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