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Marcia Koven Florida - Colorado, USA 12 Jan 10, 2005

I am a confessed 67 year old lady fly fishing addict. I have fished in B.C. for the last 8 to 10 years. I previously tent camped in the summers when I didn't teach in Miami. Two years ago I retired , bought a motor home and hooked on a jeep and left Miami for the west. I travel for 6 months fishing all the hatches I can find from Colorado's frying pan to Canada and back south to end at the San Juan in New Mexico then back to Miami for the winter. I have done this drive two years now and plan to do it as long as I can.

I spend about 5 weeks in B.C. I stay in Sparwood at the campground where I meet all the regular folks who come every year to brag about their daily exploits. I RARELY IF EVER USE A BOAT OR GUIDED TO FLOAT ANY RIVER. (except the Bow in Alberta)  All the shop people know me since I am easily recognized and am far from shy. Since school teachers don't have a lot of money I prefer to fish almost every day on the small tributaries of the Elk.

I have, as you can imagine been in most of the little places that are so wonderful. I am not afraid to walk in and like it best when I find my own fish in my own spots. I rarely see guides where I go. Mostly I think they prefer to have people float. Since I am a dry fly purist , my way suits me best. It is the thrill of the hunt and the beauty and the exercise along with the solitude.

I love your country and your people, I respect your land and try to pack out any trash I might find on a stream. I am a person who won't even say some of the places I go to respect the area, it took too long to find all these little places.  I tie flies and dream about them being eaten as i tie. I already spend a lot of money in your area.

I have made a web site to include some of the places I fish. I hope you will click on this and visit these places, be sure to see both pages.

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